Diaz-Balart Law Helps Young Venezuelan Obtain Asylum

April 29, 2019

U.S. Asylum Granted To Young Venezuelan Government Protestor

Daniel Diaz-Balart, together with Inna Shapovalov of The Citizenship Clinic, recently won a grant of asylum for Manuel, a 22-year-old Venezuelan who had participated in anti-Maduro protests in Caracas. The attorneys took the case with less than 24 hours to prepare for the hearing, and were able to convince the immigration judge that young Manuel deserved asylum. In the process, they successfully argued that Manuel should be excused from the one-year filing deadline for submitting an asylum petition due to a brain injury he suffered at the hands of Maduro’s thugs.

Regrettably, Manuel remains detained pending an appeal from DHS. Attorneys Diaz-Balart and Shapovalov have requested judicial review of his custody status while the appeal is pending, and anticipate that he will be soon be released to his family in South Florida as justice requires.

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