Diario Las Américas Interviews Attorney Daniel Diaz-Balart

May 31, 2017

Daniel Díaz-Balart, A Fourth Generation Lawyer Seeks To Make His Own Story

Daniel Diaz-Balart sat down for an exclusive interview with Diario Las Américas to talk about service to the South Florida community and our valued clients at Diaz-Balart Law.

Family Legacy

There is no doubt that it is an honor for me to be part of a family that has helped people here and in different parts of the world. Of course, it is a great privilege to be the son of former Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart, to call Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart uncle, to be the grandson of the former Majority Leader of Congress in Cuba Rafael Díaz-Balart, to have a great-grandfather who — in addition to being a lawyer — was the Mayor of Banes at the beginning of the last century. It is a source of great pride to come from a family with so much history.

Charting His Own Course

I am my own person, and my focus is to be known as a lawyer that serves our local community. Having a law firm is a great responsibility. Clients often come to you when they are going through the worst moments of their lives and need legal help. They are placed in your hands and the resolution to their difficulties depends on our expertise. Being a lawyer requires a lot of professionalism, empathy, effort, and constant preparation.

Legal Experience

I worked as a state prosecutor for four years, and had a very in-depth and formative experience in the Miami-Dade County prosecutor’s office. After that, I worked at one of the most prestigious personal injury law firms in South Florida before opening my own practice, Diaz-Balart Law.

About Diaz-Balart Law

Our goal is to provide effective support to members of our community. We offer high-quality legal services. On par with law firms that have many lawyers, but we differentiate ourselves by giving personalized attention that is not usual in other firms. We always make ourselves available to our clients.